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Huawei's midrange model of the 2020 Mate lineup. Announced on October 22nd and released on November 1st, the Mate 40 Pro offers a 6.76" OLED screen, a triple rear camera system, 5G and 66W fast charging. Model: NOH-NX9

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Mate 40 pro google I'd and Huawei I'd removed

My phone is locked, I need to remove Google I'd and Huawei I'd removed... Do you solution.. I'm from Pakistan and I have Huawei mate 40 pro

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The Mate 40 line from Huawei, doesn't have Google services so Google FRP won't be possible, Huawei ID is possible through tools online, which are paid and there are NO cracks available, but since the phone is still very new to the market there is no tool compatible with the Huawei Mate 40 line of Smartphones, so you're out of luck. :(

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