White lights randomly flashing when plugged in AUX cable

hi there,

I am using the Charge 4 with the AUX cable to have better sync with movies / youtube and because the battery lasts longer. Ok fantastic.

Now, i noticed that while it’s connected via cable with sound streaming on, whether it’s from a YT video or from online radio, on regular basis the white lights with the 5 dots (the ones that show the charge) flash for a moment then go off again.

I am using PC volume to approx 60/100 (before i was keeping it at 3/100 and that really helped with those annoying silences on quiet time (as it would go on standby), however this flashing white light thing remains. It doesn’t hurt audio performance but it’s just annoying to look at especially when you are facing it.

If you instead use it in Bluetooth mode that does not happen.

Another reason i am not using bluetooth unless necessary, is that it’s on the same frequency of the wifi i have at home and believe it or not, it affects download speed.

How can i avoid it flashing the white lights during playing with the AUX cable?



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