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Die Xbox Spielkonsole der dritten Generation von Microsoft kam am 22. November 2013 auf den Markt;

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Why won’t my controllers or USB ports work

My wireless controller will not sync with my console with or without USB connection. The synch button on my console doesn’t work either. I purchased a corded controller to see if that would bypass the problem. I have tried all of the troubleshooting problems and have discovered that the USB ports and wireless/wired controller work after a hard shutdown. The problem is the second time I turn on my console it happens all over again. So it seems unless I find a fix I have to hard kill my console every time which you can imagine is annoying given I can’t resume gaming where I left off and the boot time is MUCH longer. I can’t find anything that relates to my problem and the research I have done would make me believe Microsoft doesn’t support this kind of repair.

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Hi David,

So this would be either a motherboard issue OR software issue. As you said that it is working after a hard reset, it do sound like a software issue. Did you tried to reinstall it completely?

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I had performed a factory reset that kept my games and apps but that didn’t help


Alright. I recommend to do a full restore. So that everything will be removed and that you need to start from scratch (format and install). Perhaps that will resolve it.


Full factory reset did not resolve issue. Not sure where to go from here. I’d rather no have to full shutdown every time I want to log in and then wait forever for game to boot because I can’t resume where it left off. Ugh


Hmm, weird. Perhaps you need to replace the front panel board. It's related with the sync button.


@dan0 that is a great thought. Would the WiFi card have something to do with it as well?


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