Erschienen am 21. Juli 20122. Core i5 oder i7 Prozessoren. Thunderbolt. Dieser Mini kann auch als Mac Mini Server gefahren werden.

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Changing the outer case, can I put back a DVD burner?

For HTPC usage, the lack of a DVD drive in the Mac Mini Mid 2011 is a pain. Especially since you cannot presently find external enclosures with the exact same footprint.

But if I changed the outer case with the Mac Mini 2009/2010 one, could I put back a DVD drive (or Blu-ray) inside ?

What would I need in addition to this outer case : cable ? support brackets ?

EDIT : just after posting (Thanks, Murphy !) I saw Can a 2011 Mac Mini fit in a 2010 case? about the exact same subject.

However, this previous post does not answer 2 important questions :

- since it is possible to connect a second HDD in the Mac ("Mac Mini Dual Hard Drive Kit"), why cannot a SATA optical drive be connected to the mid-2011 motherboard, with the proper cable ?

- how bad is the "angling required to get in the optical drive bracket" ? Is it yet feasible ? Does it damage anything ?

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Please delete this question, Thanks


I tried to append my 2 questions to the previous post, but it is apparently impossible once the post reaches the "answered" status. So I put them there.


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There's room for a hard drive but not an optical drive.

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