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Entire Back cover replacement.

Hi guys

I would like to know if the iPhone 8 BACK COVER and the SE 2020 BACK COVER are interchangeable ?

Can the 1 be used on the other ??

Your assistance would be much appreciated !!


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the iphone 8 is a glass back, correct?

as long as its the same model I dont see why they wouldnt be able to be swapped out. itll be some work to do but should be possible.

justm ake sure its the same model phone

Edit: if youre not replacing the entirety of the back half of the phone youll need to be careful changing this. the glass will cut you if its broken. usually these are Laser burnt off and then carefully scraped off. i kinda miss understood (i think) about what were truely asking.

the back glass doesnt just pop off. it is basically glued on. and will take some time to change. if u just want to change the look of the phone on a whim its going to take much more than just popping it off LOL. i would recommend a plastic phone case or something along those lines if this is the case.

good luck

Edit #2: Ersetzen deriPhone 8 Glasrückseite

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My bad … I should’ve mentioned it’s not the glass alone. I wanna change the entire chassis. With the frame and edging etc. not just the glass … I know the glass is a bit of an issue to remove if you don’t have the correct tooling.

thank you for your response though, much appreciated !!

but I’d still like to know if it’s possible ??!! ?

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Short answer, no. You can’t use parts from a SE and put it on a IPhone 8 and reversed.

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