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Device went on powersave and never came back on

I purchased this Klipsch R4-B soundbar in 2016. It’s power adapter is plugged into a Cyberpower 1500AVRLCD UPS that is plugged into a correctly wired and grounded 120V receptacle. I have had no issues with this soundbar, until a week and a half ago.

My wife was watching TV on Saturday morning and we stopped to fix our lunch. I assume that the soundbar went into powersave mode, as it usually did after a certain timeout of inaction. When we came back in, we attempted to power on the soundbar, but nothing happened. I removed the power adapter from the wall and the soundbar and left unplugged for 30 minutes. Plugging back in still did not resolve the issue. That night, I left it unplugged from both optical interface and power, as well as unplugging the power adapter from mains, until the next morning. I reinstalled and still will not power on.

I tested the power adapter with my multimeter and it seems to be working fine, putting out 18.4V DC when it is spec’d for 18V. I dissassembled the unit and the circuit boards *look* fine, no scorch marks or outward signs of bad components (caps are not bulging, no leaks on caps, etc). I opened a ticket with Klispch Support over 10 days ago, but have not received a response.

Anyone have any good tips\techniques for me to effectively troubleshoot this issue?

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Hi @dr00bie ,

Don’t know if it is a good tip but try a factory reset and check if that resolves the problem.

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Thanks, but I should have mentioned that I have tried everything that I have found thus far, both from Klipsch and random internet forums. Even done my own testing by holding different combos of buttons on the front.

No lights, no nothing. Still waiting on Klipsch Support to get back to me, I might call them on the phone tomorrow and see if I can find anything out. I am disappointed, I bought this item because I thought it would be both high quality in sound performance, as well as high quality in workmanship and longer lifetime.

The circuit boards look clean, no scorches or other marks that are readily apparent.


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