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The Pronto Digital Kitchen Scale is a multifunction device, manufactured by Ozeri, for easy use when measuring various items up to 11 pounds (5050 grams) with 1 ounce (0.05 grams) graduations .

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I drop my Ozari scale. Now it will not turn on. Is it fixable?

I dropped my Ozari scale.

It does not turn on. Can it be fixed?

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Hi @cpolver ,

It may be able to be fixed but it will need to be opened and inspected first to check what damage (if obvious) has occurred.

If there is no obvious damage to the internal components then it will need to be tested to find out what is wrong.

Here’s the iFixit Ozeri Pronto ZK14-S Repair guides that should help, at least to gain access to see what is wrong.

If you see something (or even if not) and you’re not quite sure, post some images back here as it may help others to see what is wrong and what can be done to fix it. Here’s how to do this on ifixit Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen

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