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Das 3a gehört zur dritten Generation von Pixel Smartphones, ist eher preisgünstig und hat die gleiche Kamera wie Googles Flaggschiffe. Erhältlich in Schwarz (Just Black), Weiß (Clearly White) und Purpurartig (Purple-ish). Erschienen im Mai 2019.

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Replacement screen not working properly for dimming below 30%

I finally installed my replacement screen from ifixit yesterday, double checked it worked by turning on the device, before I glued it in place. Unfortunately I did not check the screen functions more thoroughly. When the screen brightness dips below 30% the backlight doesn’t continue it's gradual dimming, but shifts to a dark reddish hue making the screen unreadable at low brightness. Is this a known issue or easy to fix? May it be because of a faulty connection between the screen and the phone or is it a defective screen?

Thank you in advance for any assistance on resolving the issue.

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Sounds like it could be one of the following:

Bad connection - Reseat LCD ribbon cable

Backlight circuit damage - Caused during the repair would need to be tested with the multimeter

Or and god forbid it, but maybe the screens a dud. 1 in every 10 screens we buy-in for our customers seem to have a slight defect or just dead on arrival from the suppliers.

I would try reconnecting the LCD first, give the phone a force restart, this can help. Then put a support request in with iFixIt, while you wait, see if you can find a bad backlight circuit on the board, if there is one.

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