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A2115 / 2020 / Prozessoren beginnend mit 3,1 GHz 6-Core i5, bis 3,8 GHz 8-Core i7. Markteintritt am 4. August 2020.

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How thick is the display assembly on the iMac?

Hi, I’ve been doing some thinking about the design of the new M1 iMac and would like to know how thick the display assembly (back of LCD to front of glass) of the 5K iMac is, as it is the closest Apple display that I can think of to the new one.

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Apple has managed to shrink the thickness of the display assembly every generation so it wouldn’t surprised me they managed to do it again!

As to thickness of the current 27” 5K display its about 10 mm at its thickest point where the T-CON board is located. Review Step 5 & 6 here: iMac Intel 27" Retina 5K Display Teardown

Given the fact the 24” M1 system is 11.5 mm they clearly thinned it down a bit more. Even still there is nothing really on the backside of the display assembly other than a set of air chambers, WiFi & BT antennas, small I/O board and ribbon cables to get around all of which are thin. Here’s an educated guess on what’s inside!

Block Image

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Thanks a lot, that's a great resource and points me in the right direction and seems to make a lot of sense when it comes to the existence of the chin.


@coffeee - Yup they needed the chin! Even still the power supply is now external which is the largest part one would find in the current Intel iMac systems.


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