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Released in January 2015, identified by model number 15-5548 on bottom of laptop.

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15-5548 8 beeps, black screen, no external display

Hi, so I recently just replaced the shell for my Inspiron and when it came time for reassembly, I turned on the PC and I’m getting the 8 beep LCD failure. I tried holding D while powering on and the computer still beeps 8 times. The same result happens if I press FN, F1, F8, or anything. I tried connecting it to one of my monitors but the screen is just blank. It doesn’t say “no signal”, just a blank screen and the REALLY loud 8 beeps.

Does this seem more like a cable, motherboard or screen issue?

Thanks in advance!

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The Dell Inspiron might emit a series of beeps during start-up if the LCD cannot display errors or problems. The 8 beeps on this model indicate an LCD failure/an LCD cable failure.

If a monitor is not working it could be very likely that your Graphics chip has died which would also explain why you get no external display.

The fact it beeps at all, tells me that your BIOS is alive and you do not have a NO POST from a bad BIOS chip on the board.

You could try reseating the LCD cable, but just by the fact you get no external display, i would say this is definitely a board-level issue.

Sorry I could be of more help :(

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Hey thanks for the quick reply!

I wanted to add that I remember reading on some forum somewhere that if certain dell Inspirons don't have the main LCD identified then it won't boot

Is that true?

Also, how can it be just a coincidence that after changing the shell that the mainboard has an issue? :( I don't think I shorted anything and I was being pretty careful


Also, is there a way that I can ensure that the screen isn't bad as well? So I don't have to purchase a motherboard then a screen when it may or may not work?


The only way to test the LCD is to plug it into another Dell :)

As you have no external display it really does sound like a board issue, changing the shell requires everything to come out so there is a chance you broke something and didn’t see it at the time or a micro tear in a flex.


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