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Überarbeitung der Xbox 360-Reihe von Spielekonsolen (Version Mitte 2013) mit 4 USB-Anschlüssen und integrierter Wi-Fi-Konnektivität.

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Xbox 360 E - No Video/Audio, No Controller Connection

I have a Xbox 360 E console that has been working fine since I bought in in 2020. I went to turn it on for the first time in a while and it powers on with a green LED (this model only has a single light, not multiple like older models). The power brick light comes on as well, and everything seems fine. But no video is outputted to the screen, nor can any controller connect to it (the indicators will just keep blinking).

It’s baffling to me, since I take very good care of my consoles and this was working one day, now it isn’t. The disc drive still opens and closes whenever I press the button, everything seems to be working except the video/audio output (this console only supports HDMI), and the controllers.

I opened the system and deep cleaned it again just to be sure, but that didn’t change anything. But since I cannot connect any controllers, I cannot reset the display settings to see if that is an issue. My troubleshooting options are quite limited.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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no video? first check in the connector itself and see if there are any bent pins or anything messed up in there. then try opening it back up and take a peek at the HDMI plug. get a pick or something pointy and check all the pins on the back of the connector.

also try swapping the HDMI cord for a different one and if you have a second TV try that as well.

heres a link for the HDMIs you might need.


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