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Nine inch Android tablet, released in 2013. The D2 is an internet tablet that has 4GB of storage, and has a capacitive multi-touch screen.

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The USB port is broken I can't charge my device. I like to be fixed

I’m looking for a good price! I bought it on eBay for $20.00 please email me back.

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I was wondering do you sell the part I need. and how much?


@indianscout564 it doesnt look like those micro usbs are sold on ifixit. best bet would be opening the unit yourself and looking at how the plug is configured and then getting on aliexpress or ebay maybe and trying to find one that matches.


Thank you for your help and I will do that.


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hi paul! so if you're looking for someone to fix this for you check out northridgefix on YT they're really great with repairs.

if you're looking to repair it yourself.

Digital2 D2-912 Repair

check that out. it sounds like you may need to replace the charging port on the device in which case youll likely need to find a replacement port and solder it in yourself.

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