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A2115 / 2020 / Prozessoren beginnend mit 3,1 GHz 6-Core i5, bis 3,8 GHz 8-Core i7. Markteintritt am 4. August 2020.

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Why is it slow to boot up

very slow to boot up and runs slow after installing big sur

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Reboot your system and press the D key to enter into diagnostics. Did you get any errors?

Reference: Mac startup key combinations


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If your computer still has a standard hard drive or fusion drive, I’ve noticed quite a lot of them running very bad on BigSur. I would suggest either replacing the hard drive of the fusion drive with a 2.5 inch SSD or going back to macOS Catalina.

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Where is the hard physically located? I'm having a very hard time disconnecting the cables from the display or the chassis. I have purchased a SSD that I will try to install if I can get there.


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