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Mid-range phone released September 2019. Alternatively named Redmi K20 Pro in China and India. Features 6.39″ Super AMOLED display, Snapdragon 855 chipset, 4000 mAh battery with 27W fast charging, under-display fingerprint reader, motorized pop-up selfie camera, and a main camera with 48 MP plus an ultrawide 13MP and a 8MP telephoto lens.

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Can't remove front screen (even with heater)

Hi !

I have a xiaomi mi 9T (not pro but it’s the same they say).

I followed many videos, everything is fine, but i can’t remove the front screen, i heat, i went to 80°c on the front screen and it did not moved. It’s like the glue won’t melt. Do you have any idea ?

I already checked if there was any screw i forgot or thing like that, but there is not.

I really don’t understand why it work on their video and on mine it doesn’t

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You should try to pull it with a suction cup to create a gap between glass and frame, then operate with a tool to detach it.

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I'm trying but i'm not succeeding, i have a crappy suction cup and it's hard to hold the phone while pulling, but even when trying it doesn't seem to move, the suction cup just "unstick". Do you have some tips ?


If the screen is already broken, go for a brute force approach but be careful with the frame. Sometimes a little of isopropyl alcohol helps to soften the glue.

Try to open even a small gap between the screen and the frame and spill some alcohol drop in it then wait a couple of minutes.


Bruteforcing worked, i "digged" with a screw driver, then focused the heat on the broken part, and i managed to slide a thin tool between, then i heated the next part, and went under, until i removed the whole screen.

Thanks a lot !


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