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Die Nintendo Switch ist eine tragbare Spielekonsole, die auch mit dem Fernsehgerät verbunden werden kann. Sie wurde am 3. März 2017 veröffentlicht.

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Left joycon will not work in handheld mode after joystick replacement


Replaced my left joycons joystick recently and all was good at first. I don't often use the thing in handheld mode so I didn't notice. I have been through and checked that no ribbon cables are disconnected.

I can't find a diagram of the left joycon internals and what they do, because I feel like that would help massively.

Thanks so much in advance!!

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The problem might be that when you opened up the Joy-Con you may have damaged the ribbon cable going into the rail. You may need to replace the entire rail because the ribbon cables are attached to it.

To check if the rail has been damaged you can see if when you press a button that the lights on the side still work and you can also open up the Joy-con again and see if the ribbon cable has any creases in it because the cables are so fragile a little crease in the cable can kill them permanently.

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Thanks so much for your answer! The lights still work on it, it acts completely like a normal joy con. TMK there weren't any creases, I was really careful about that because I've had issues with ribbon cables in the past haha.

I thought maybe it wasn't plugged in properly but unfortunately it is. I'm at a loss.


Okay, for some reason I was blind. Its actually the ribbon cables - somehow got folded and I didn't notice before. I'll figure out getting a replacement!


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If you have ever tried to modify or check the port where the ribbon connects into and make sure you have not tried to open it at the wrong end. Best case advice if there is any raise in the port where the ribbon connects to please remove the ribbon. Use a flat device to press lightly on the housing and flatten out where it plugs into then reinsert the ribbon and lock the housing on the proper side. I had this issue when I modified my controller with led lights and it would not recognize it on a docked state and then noticed I had slightly raised the housing when I went to unlock it on the wrong end. If this does not work then replace the rail or check the rail itself and make sure pins aren't missing or bent. Take apart the device and check all of these possibilities to see what you may need to fix or replace. If none of these work then see if another joycon connects if so you can assess the problem if it doesn't then it would be a problem with the connection to the main port of the device which you can also get replacement parts to fix or send in the device to nintendo and they will “fix" it for you. However I have heard more issues happen after they “fix" it so you may be better off attempting to resolve and replace all parts yourself

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This was my issue, tried to find the latch on the wrong side really gently and might have been bent just enough to prevent contact.

As proposed pushed on the ribbon housing (without the ribbon in), now it works again.


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