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Apples Top-Smartphone für 2020. Das iPhone 12 Pro Max wurde am 13. Oktober angekündigt und am 13. November veröffentlicht. Es verfügt über ein 6,7-Zoll-OLED-Display, ein dreifaches Rückkamerasystem mit LiDAR und 5G-Konnektivität. Nachfolger des iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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stolen iPhone with find my iPhone off

hello please I do not know if any one can help me or not ( I bought iPhone from eBay I shipped to my country and during the shipping it was stolen and I received an empty box find my iPhone still of I want to know what was the last sim card put on the iPhone or what is last location "Wi-Fi" for the iPhone )


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Take pictures and report this to eBay and the seller. There is not much you can do about the phone being stolen because it sounds like you didn’t get it liked to your account so unfortunately it sounds like the phone is gone. Stolen phones are hard to get back from my experience. I would also contact whatever you used to make the purchase and see if they have a program that protects you against online purchases where you don’t get your product. Good luck!

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