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Charger pin broken in laptop

The pin from inside the charging port of my Asus laptop snapped off. Is there any way to repair easily without having to replace the port?

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Hi Mal:

If the pin inside the (female) charging port is broken (that is, the charging port on the mainboard), there is not much you can do except of replacing it.

Feel free to check out the repair guide regarding a charging port of an Asus Eee here.

I hope this helps.


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Hi @tesbreag,

What is the model number of the laptop?

Faulty DC-In jacks cannot be repaired. They have to be replaced

In some Asus laptops, the DC-In jack is mounted on the motherboard. You would need smd soldering skills and tools to do the replacement.

With other Asus laptops it is a separate module with a cable attached that plugs into the motherboard. All that is required is to access it and to unplug and remove the old DC-In jack (+ cable) module and plug in the new module.

If you search online for Asus (insert the model number of the laptop) DC-In jack you will soon know what type you need.

Examples :

Asus X550 DC-In jack with cable that plugs into motherboard

Asus F555 DC-In jack- requires soldering to motherboard

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Looks like it's soldered to the board. I was hoping for some kind of trick or short cut!

It's a very old laptop (Eee 1005ha) so not worth the effort of opening it all up, except that I will have to do all that anyway just to get to the hard drive, so I may give it a go to try out my soldering kit.


Hi Mal: Sorry to hear that you might have to part with your laptop. But at least you got your good out of it and can save the hard drive.


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