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Erschienen am 4. November 2017. Modell A1865, A1901. Erhältlich als GSM oder CDMA / 64 oder 256 GB / Silber oder Space Grau. (Genauso ausgesprochen wie "iPhone 10")

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Connector Assembly replacement guide

I need to replace the lightning connector assembly on my iPhone X. I’ve ordered the part, but don’t see a replacement guide for that piece. Does such a guide exist? Is there another guide I can follow that includes that part? I’d prefer to avoid removing any unnecessary parts to complete the replacement. I’ve replaced this part on an iPhone 6S, but this is my first attempt to replace anything on the iPhone X, so hoping to avoid any unnecessary tinkering.

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Hi knoxma:

I found this video of an iPhone X charger port replacement. This might be helpful.


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You might want to create such a repair guide for the ifixit.com community. ;)


Yes, I think this video will be very helpful. I really like that it shows reassembly, which many repair guides skip over. I'd love to make a repair guide to help others, but I'm not quite sure I know what i'm doing just yet.


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