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iPad 1 Droped into water and breakdown the connect lines!

Hello, everyone!

I ever made a mistake to drop my iPAD (iPad 1 Wi-Fi 16G version) to water for a whole night! So it doesnot work properly, cannot power up anymore!

Then I teardown my iPad according to ifixit's guide. But I broken the switch and volume control lines which is shown in the following picture:

Who can tell me how to resolve this problem? That is, where to buy the switch and volume control connector and how to connect the lines back correctly?

Best regards,


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I think this part is what you are looking for? It looks pretty straight forward to reconnect. I'm not sure where you are but this product is being shipped from china to may be able to contact them for cheaper shipping if that's where you are?

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Yes, you are right! Thank you very much!

Could you tell me how to judge the reasons that the iPad 1 couldnot power up?

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