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Repair information for the SteelSeries Arctis Pro wireless headphones. Released in March of 2018. Model number: 61743.

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Plastic cracked where the ski goggle band goes through the headset

My headset cracked basically where the elastic band goes through the headset. I tried to get a warranty replacement but the item is never in stock on their site and I only get 60 days to purchase a replacement, and I doubt it’s going to come back into stock before the coupon code they gave me expires.

I’d be happy with just a headset replacement or if they could just send me a replacement part - it looks like this piece unscrews from the headset and might be replaceable but they don’t seem able to do this. So, i’m trying to figure out how best to fix them - I really like the headset and it’s only a little over a month old, I just don’t want the left ear to fall off the headset.

What kind of apoxy or glue should be used to fix this, or should I wrap it with something somehow. It’s a little awkward of a break location. The headset costs $300 plus so would like to be able to use it.

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Once that plastic breaks, gluing it is very hit or miss. I have glued some plastic with crazy glue and let it set for 2-3 days and it seemed to hold. The headset I had broke a piece and I managed to recreate it in a CAD program and print a new one. That worked, but not as smooth as the original.

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