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Modell A1989, EMC 3358. Das bisherige Design wurde aufgefrischt, die Auswahlmöglichkeiten für die Prozessoren und die Materialien der Tastatur verbessert. Erhältlich in Silber(Silver) und Grau (Space Gray) . Erschienen im Mai 2019.

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Replaced screen: Max brightness diminishes after boot

Hi, I just replaced the screen of my macbook pro with a new screen. The problem is that the max brightness is much lower than before and expected. I tried resetting my NVRAM and SMC, and once I reset my NVRAM, the Apple logo appears fully bright for 5 seconds, before something occurs (maybe software side?) and the max brightness decreases by around 50%-80%. A connected monitor maintains the correct full brightness level. Is this some bullshit Apple is pulling by placing software into the retina screens? Does anyone have any clues on how to solve this problem? It is most definitely 50-80% dimmer than before, so don’t tell me to go into a dark room lol.

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Can you verify that you installed a 2018-2019 display? If you check here they mention the following: “2017 Screen will work on 2018 model but it will glitch during boot + no truetone.” That sounds similar to your symptoms. Otherwise I would be inclined to think the display you got has a defect.

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Hi, Thanks, I looked it up and Im pretty sure I installed a screen from 1 year in the future. $@$* happens lol.


Even you installed a 2018-2019 display, you still can not use the truetone, because Apple blocks the function except you fix the Mac in Apple Store or 3rd part authorized service provider. They will use an internal fix tool to restore truetone.

So, I think you can check the settings of the display is right firstly, then check the connector of the display or have a try re-connect the cable.


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