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The Gateway FX6840 is a desktop PC that features an Intel Core i7 processor.

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How to repair RAM at home?

Hi Ifixit Support Team, I am new here, I am a user of Gateway Laptop. My laptop ram is faulted and my laptop is going to an on/off situation many times. Kindly Ifixit Support Team, tell me how to remove the fault of the laptop easily.

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need the laptop model to properly help you


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Hey George,

I have got to say using a Gateway may not be your best choice, but I digress.

Are you getting a BSOD?

You can try opening and removing the RAM and re-installing it, making sure to have a good fit. Or replace the RAM if that is an option.

I know this isn’t RAM related but you could run a CHKDSK from the run dialog box and check your hard drive.

There could be a potential for a failing power supply as well, or a virus.

Without more information it is really hard to say., but those are a few things to try.

Hope this helps.

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