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A chromebook produced by Lenovo in 2016 for educational use.

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My IT Director purchased keyboards without frames for Chromebook N22,

My question is what is the preferred method of installing the keyboard into the palmrest frame

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I know what you’re talking about - I ordered the same kb part for half the price of kb with palm rest. Hope your guy didn’t order very many. I just used the kb only for parts and reordered the right part with palm rest. To use the kb only for replacement, you have to be set up/willing to do the plastic welding it takes to remove and replace in the palm rest…. The N22 has been troublesome for us. Do selected keys quit working, like 4,5,6,e,r,t,d,f,h? If so, it’s the kb flex cable. There is a trick that works for a while (months or longer - honestly, I think the end of Chrome auto updates for this model is June 2022). Refold it (even awkwardly) so it flips 360 degrees before plugging it back into the main board.

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Thank you for the answer, I have repaired 4 units I use a 2 part epoxy that I used when I repaired fiber optics and they are ok sort of but not as good if using a press of original install to make sure all the pressed points that hold it above kb frame, I weight it down but not really good enough. Thank you again.

And yes keys that stop working are exactly those..


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