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Das Galaxy S6 ist das neue Flagschiff der Galaxy-Linie. Es wurde im März 2015 angekündigt, Verkaufsstart war am 10. April. Die Version mit dem gewölbten Bildschirm ist unter Galaxy S6 Edge bekannt.

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battery dropping immediately after plugged in when it's close to 100%

when i plug my phone in when it's around 100% or basically just over 70% it drops the battery down like as soon as its plugged in it goes down in little steps (not like immediately 80% to 70% or smth its like 80-79-78 really fast) and its making me really mad. this happened after i put my plug into a power source at my cousin's house (her power plug source thingys are really damaged so maybe this was the problem) and i dont know why it happened and it completely broke my battery like that. ive been having battery problems for a little while now and im kinda desperate pls I JUST WANNA KNOW WHY IT HAPPENED IDK HOW TO FIX IT I CANT REPLACE MY BATTERY OR MY PHONE RN

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While this is likely the result of a failing battery where the only fix would be battery replacement, there is one thing you can try. Run the battery down to basically dead. Then, plug the phone in and leave it for about 24 hours or until it is completely charged. This will help the phone re-calibrate itself to whatever the battery is currently doing and may help give more accurate percentage readings.

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ooh ok thank u!! yeah its probably my battery just getting old and dying maybe ill try to recalibrate it at some point when im not being overly lazy


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