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Repair guides and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip folding Android smartphone, released in February of 2020.

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I need help with my Samsung Galaxy z flip!

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Z flip and it’s locked on sprint and I was wondering if it’s possible to swap the logic board that’s unlocked so that I can use it for Tmobile?

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I Crack the back of my phone and I need too know how I can get the back of it repaired


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yeah that will work fine. look at a repair guide here on how to do so. make sure you dont rip any cables as parts for the flip are pricey

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I'm gonna ask a phone repair if they can do it thank you for answering my question cause I tried calling sprint and I was unable to unlock it cause I bought the phone on ebay for $150 cause it had a bad lcd and now it works and i'm just trying to figure a way to unlock it.


I don't think theres guidelines for it cause there's only tear downs of the phone.


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