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Die Version mit Farbbildschirm des Game Boy, erschienen 1998. Reparaturen an diesem Gerät sind einfach.

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Gameboy Color Won't Turn On.

Hey all,

My first question here. I have a Gameboy color that won’t turn on. Things I’ve tried:

-Walked through the ifixit teardown video

-Cleaned all electronic parts and board with Isopropyl Alcohol

-Changed the batteries ( I knew this must be said)

-Visually checked the soldered parts and capacitors

This thing looks as clean as the day it was bought. I don’t know why it won’t turn on. No light no sound, nothing. Any thoughts on what to do next? (I’m in IT networking, but new to electronics so go nice and easy on me haha) Thanks for any help!


I cleaned the switch components really well with IA and still no activity. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Try bridging the switch with something in case it is broken?

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