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Die größere Ausführung von Samsungs zehntem Smartphone-Flaggschiff ist mit Android 9.0 (Pie) ausgestattet. (Erscheinungsdatum: Februar 2019).

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My phone is not charging or isn't able to transfer files

I had an incident recently where when I put my phone to charge there was water in the charging cable (not the phone charging port) which I hadn't seen that caused the phone's charging port to fry out. Since then I am not able to charge my phone or transfer any files even though the phone itself is unscathed. The phone works perfectly fine except for its charging and file transfer capabilities (including Samsung DeX). Can someone please advise me on what I should do to repair this phone. Thank you very much.

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Samsung soldered the port onto the main board rather than put it on a separate daughter board in the S1o lineup, leaving DIY repair out of the question but a skill tech in micro soldering can fix it. I would check your local area for shops that specialize in micro soldering. It can run a little pricey (roughly $100-$200). Alternatively if you have another phone you can transfer the data that way. If it’s another Samsung device, you can use Samsung Smart Switch and a wifi network to transfer everything quite easily.

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