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Keyboard dead, won't recognized by computer

Hi, I saved this keyboard from the reciclyng yard since someone in my office has thrown it away. The reason is the keyboard is not recognized by any computer when plugged in the USB port. Even the led on the caps key won't turn on. I tried to open it in order to see if the USB cable was damaged but everything looks in order (I tested with a multimeter). Am I completely hopeless or is there something I could check in order to try a repair?

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Give this vid a view Trying to FIX : Faulty Apple Keyboard Model A1243 purchased on eBay

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Yeah I already saw that video. You're telling me that my keyboard is probably water damaged and there's no possibility to repair it? My keyboard does not work at all nor is recognized by any computer, while in the video the board is recognized and have some dead case.


@ilmatte - Likely too far gone ;-{


Additionally, the USB hub of my keyboard simply doesn't work, while in the video it does. I think the case is not the same of the video since I see no signs of corrosion. I think it's something not working in the electronics but I don't know how to investigate. When I attach the USB cable the keyboard is not recognized by the system, caps led doesn't turn on and the only sign of activity is the chip on the left side of the logic board that gets hot...


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