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How to fix ripped off ribbon cable connector?

I was trying to clean my printer from the inside, but after trying to move the printer one of the ribbon cables to the printer snapped, apparently the destroyed part is the ribbon connector as shown in this image:

Block Image

And this is how it tore apart, as I was moving the printer to get better space.

Block Image

Now I was checking with a multimeter for continuity to determine which one of them was broken(the cable itself or the connector?) Unfortunately, I cannot say that my tests are accurate as these are about 0.5mm apart. My multimeter tips are big, but when I check the cable from end to end there is a short. I also checked the continuity from the main board connectors to the touch screen connectors.

This is what I get after attempted repair (superglued the broken clip back)

Block Image

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I have bought the parts and they are in transit, just incase I get the same signal from the touchscreen after replacing both the connector and ribbon, what does that signal indicate?


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It’s easier to use hot air station to remove the broken connector, but I don’t recommend using hot air to solder the new one on, It’s too easy to melt the plastic parts.

Use soldering iron to solder the new connector, you don’t need microtip, use a big tip and a huge blob of solder, then wick the excessive solder away, residual solder will form connection fine.

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With plenty of good flux


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so this might be a bit hard for someone to fix.

if you have a hot air station or micro tip soldering iron you might be able to repair it your self. id contact the company and see what connector that is so you can order a new one.

if not then also ask them about a replacement board which would probably be cheaper

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