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The ZTE Quest n817 is an Android smart phone that was introduced in 2015 and is commonly provided by Assurance Wireless.

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I have a ZTE N817 cellphone how do I remove the sim card please

please help how do i remove the sim card to put a different one in

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It’s under the battery cover, which is a common placement point on these lifeline provider phones. Looks to be a Micro SIM as well, since they also tend to be one generation behind phones everyone else buys.

To remove it, you use your finger and pull it out. If the SIM card is being replaced due to age (and will be deactivated), you can always use a tool like tweezers once you have a solid grip on the SIM but this may destroy your card beyond repair.

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Look for a hole along the edges about the size of the end of a paperclip. Insert a paperclip and push gently to open the sim compartment.

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A lot of these lifeline phones put it under or near the battery, or where the cover is if the battery is "sealed" with a metal cover. This is another device with that setup. Bare minimum devices like this are different from my phone, and yours. Just letting you know so you know the "common" location isn't the one we know - best to double check.

It's a very common placement due to cost and user error risk. These phones are engineered to be "free", after all (we pay for them with the universal service fee). Also, being one generation behind on SIM type is normal (right now, mainstream devices use Nano or eSIM while the Lifeline phones tend to be on Micro SIM). They're quite often phones I seen at Dollar General pre pandemic or "EOL" devices to me and you.


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