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briefly submerged phone in water, home button isn't responding

Hi all,

I just got a refurbished iphone 7plus a week ago. No issues at all. Tonight, I dropped it in my sink that had (plain) water in it. It was in for literally a second. Basically, I dropped it, and yanked it out again. I dried the exterior, keeping the lightning port down to drain. After finishing drying it, the home button would’’t respond. No haptics, no nothing. Won’t open the phone or go to home screen. I’ve tried force restarting, turning haptics off and back on, etc. I don’t think the haptic motor is dead, there are still vibrations when I switch the mute/silencer button. Also, I had earpods plugged into the lightning port when it got submerged, so I would’’t think much, if any, water would make it into the charging port. I’d love ideas on what I can do.

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You will need to address the liquid damage by removing the screen and checking where the liquid went. There are three sections to the home button.

1.       The home button assembly which has other components on it besides the home button.

2.       The flex cable the home button connects to which is integrated into the screen with two flex cables.

3.       The connector on the logic board.

You can try cleaning the components on the home button assembly with some 99% isopropyl alcohol and a Q tip. I would also check the logic board for signs of liquid if you see any I would remove the board from the housing and swish it around in the alcohol.

If none of the above brings back your home button you will need to try a replacement screen. If the replacement screen doesn’t work you will need to purchase a Universal home button or take it to the apple store to get a replacement screen and home button.

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