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Repair guides and support for the line of photo inkjet printers by HP.

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Printer cartridge printing problem

I have a HP Photosmart C6280 printer and today when I was printing out a 5 page document (all of which contained items in red) it only printed the red color on the first page and left all the other red items blank on the other 4 pages. It has never done this before and I checked the ink cartridges and they all have ink in them with expiration dates of next year. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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if the printer sits for a while or you have not printed red for a while, the ink may dry on the print head and block the ports. It may respond to a cleaning cycle or 2 or 3. Otherwise you may be able to remove the red cartridge and clean it. Some printers have the printing head ports separate from the cartridge so it becomes more difficult. I don’t know this model specifically. See if there is a Youtube video for that.

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