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Das Samsung Galaxy A40 wurde im April 2019 veröffentlicht.

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Phone water damage, won't turn on and gets really hot when charging

So about a week ago my phone got water damage in a chlorine pool, seemed fine but then stopped turning on, I tried charging it and it didn’t work at first. I then decided to disconnect the battery and all the ribbon cables to the board, dry off the internals and leaving it for a day. The phone seemed fine afterwards it turned on and wasn’t slower or anything and the speakers and camera worked. Then it turned off again and wouldn’t turn on anymore, I tried charging it but it wouldn’t work and just got really hot, like almost battery explosion hot, so I disconnected it and left it to cool off immediately, I know this is probably just a battery replacement but could this be something worse?

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There are some guidelines if your device is water damaged.

Don’t charge it. and don’t try to turn it on.

if you already tried too much time to turn it on and the phone is really hot while you tried. then its ICs were most probably burned and damaged. further, you will try to turn it on. Then there will be less chance to fix it.

The first fix is by home remedy, If there is any way for you to take out its battery then take it out first. if not then continue further. Let the phone turned off. and put it in the jar full of rice. and leave it at least 1 to 3 days. It will dry the device inside. then try only one time to turn it on. if it still getting hot and isn’t turning on then don’t try more to turn it on.

2nd fix can be done in-home as well if you have the tools and ability to disassemble the device. After disassemble take out the battery first. Then get a hair dryer with low heat and heat the device inner part till you realize that all the water vapours are dried. Then take a toothbrush and a thinner or petrol wet the brushes of toothbrush with thinner or petrol and clean the PCB of the device carefully and don’t try too hard. and then try to dry it with hairdryer and try to turn it on. If still not fixed then the only chance left is to give it any repair centre.

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