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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is 7.2 cu. ft. capacity electric dryer by Kenmore.

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kenmore elite he5 dryer won't start

Bought dryer in 2009. Had similar problem about 6 years ago, motherboard had a burn spot, re soldered connection and has worked until now. Control panel lights up, when you open dryer door though drum light does not come on, but light works with door closed. using drum light button. Gives 3 beeps when start button pushed Using diagnostic codes we got F25, checked Thermal fuse, good, replaced inlet and outlet thermistors no change, got additional code of P3E.

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Hi @barouquebayou,

Don’t know the answer but according to the tech sheet : “Opening the door while in Diagnostic Test Mode may not activate the drum light. The light will come on when Start is pressed, or upon opening the door after the Diagnostic Test Mode has been cancelled”.

P3E is a code for the door switch opening test when in Diagnostic mode. Closing the door should give a 8:88 code and a beep.

I realize that you replaced the inlet thermister but did you test its connections back to the control board, you didn’t say? (see wiring diagram on p.12 for inlet thermister control board connection points P4/1 and P4/2)

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The drum light will not come on when door is opened, out of diagnostic test mode, will test connections and report back.


We replaced the door switch just now and it works.


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