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The Ridgid brushless 18v reciprocating saw can be identified by model number GEN5X R8642. Release date 2015.

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What type of grease is used in the reassembly of Rigid Gen5x R8642?

After the gear or other metal part are being assembled, what type of grease is used when its all back together>

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ive used the Lucas red N on u-joints and they get a lot hotter than this saw would. I just wasnt sure if there was a super specific one or not. Ill go with that, thanks man


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@redryder I am a Moly grease person. My preferred grease for gears and hasn’t failed me yet. So something like MOLYKOTE or Lucas Red "N" Tacky would be my preference.

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They are certainly proud of that MOLYKOTE! I see about four types of it, which one are you using?


@mayer G-1074 since I could scrounge a can. That stuff isn't cheap but works for my needs. Autozone in my area has a couple of different Moly greases and those are definitely cheaper.


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