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Repair guides and support for Lenovo's line of consumer-oriented laptops, the IdeaPad series, first announced January 2008.

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Missing JFAN1 Connector on Motherboard

I purchased a replacement motherboard for a Lenovo Ideapad 330-15IKB (Part No. IF245-140-1). Although the replacement board was not identical, it fit so I installed it and it boots up. The problem is that there is no connector on the board to plug in the cooling fan as there was on the old board. There is a spot in the same place on both boards designated JFAN1 but on the old board there is a connector soldered to the board while on the new one there is not.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Is there an alternate source of power for the fan?

I haven’t run the computer for any appreciable amount of time for fear of overheating. Only long enough to boot and verify that the installation is otherwise good.

At this point I can either uninstall and return the board for replacement (but I have no guarantee that a replacement board will have the JFAN1 socket installed) or attempt to de-solder the connector from the old board and install it on the new board which is a pretty delicate operation.

Any suggestions?

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@bobrhett is the fan connector the only thing that is different? What are the numbers on the original motherboard? You can always contact iFixit customer service https://help.ifixit.com/category/133-con... and see what they suggest. I would think that the model of your replacement board probably always comes without the fan connector. To fix it I would think you either get a different board (same model as your old ones) or you test the solder pads on the new board and see if it even carries power for a fan. Then transplant the connector. I am sure there is some other power source for the fan but you'd be missing the tach for the fan etc. (if it is a more than a 2wire fan)

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The missing fan connector is the only significant difference. The CMOS battery connector is in a different place but I simply relocated the battery to accommodate.

Numbers (I do not know the significance of these but am willing to learn if you do)

Old board: EG521 EG522 EZ511 EG721 NM - B451

New board: EG431 EG532 FG5N2 NM - B661

Both boards are marked with Vendor HSB and dated 2017-02-26 and 2018-02-28 respectively.

I have not yet contacted customer service but ordered based on the compatibility listed for the product. Also, it is a 4-pin fan connector.


@bobrhett okay so you have a different version. I wonder if there was a fanless application for one of the boards. Anyhow, see what customer support says otherwise you can just remove the connector from one board and solder to the next.



Here's a link to the schematic that should help.

The downside is that you have to purchase it, but given the cost it may be worth it.


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