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My left analog stick can twist in place and it causes drift

My left analog stick can move in place by twisting it like a screw, it is causing drift and I’ve tried to do a screwing motion but it doesn’t do anything.

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You’ll have to open it. You need to determine if the stick is twisting because the stick part you touch is broken or because the peg in the analog module to which the stick attaches is broken.

If the thumb stick is broken, replace it, easy and not too expensive. If the post in the module is broken, much harder problem to deal with. That part is replaceable but not exactly easy to do. The better option would be to de-solder the module and solder on a new one.

Separate issue. The drift itself could just be debris inside the module. Either dust, or even a bit of broken plastic. Since you have to open it any way to determine why the stick is twisting freely, might as well hit the module with some canned air and see if that fixes the drift. If the drift is happening because the module is broken…de-solder, solder on a new one.

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