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Not responding to touch after screen replacement

I replaced an iPhone XS screen because it was cracked and it was ghost touching. Also replaced the battery because it wasn’t charging. The phone charges now so the battery replacement seems to be a success, but I’m having issues with the display. It turns on fine and the picture looks fine but it doesn’t respond to touch whatsoever. I have checked the connection multiple times and they all are connected properly but nothing I do is working. I have tried force resetting as well and they didn’t do anything.

I’ve replaced iPhone screens before (including an IPhone XS) but I’m still an amateur so I have no idea what else could possibly be wrong with it.

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Thanks for your answers! I emailed the company and they said they’d replace it. I’ll update if the new one works


This happened to me today. Replaced an iPhone XS with a new screen from iFixit. Apple told me to do a hard reset. That fixed the problem. I think this is common and hopefully iFixit will update their repair instructions.


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You will need to rule out the screen as it may be faulty. If the screen is not the problem it will be a logic board problem.

 The touch power and data lines are on the bottom layer of the board and are connected to the top half of the board through solder balls. If the phone has been dropped in the past it could have caused one or more solder balls to crack.

To diagnose your problem once you have determined it’s not the screen would be to take measurements of the connector pins with a multimeter and check against the board view schematics.

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thisneeds pix


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There is good chance that the screen is broken or in general is cheap.

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