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Ein Desktop Computer ist stationär und in einem Gehäuse untergebracht, getrennt von Peripheriegeräten wie Maus, Tastatur und Bildschirm

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Why does my monitor turn off but my pc stays on?

My computer was fine for the first 6 months. However after a while it began having some issues, when doing any activities (gaming, school work, YouTube) it would randomly shut off, making a buzzing static noise through my headphones, however my pc would stay on, the only way of fixing the issue was forcing it to shut down by holding down the power button (which I know is bad) it would then turn back on and the monitor would turn blank, any input would disappear. I would have to hold the power button once again, the strange thing is after doing this sometimes my graphics drivers would be removed.


Ryzen 3 2300x

rx 570

500 watt cooler master psu

16 GB DDR4 ram

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Hi @joelfathers ,

Have you tried a different monitor (even a TV on HDMI)?

Does it also do this in safe mode? If not then it is a driver problem.

Also run a sfc command to make sure that the system files are all OK

Sounds like a problem with the GPU card if the drivers are being removed when starting again as it is not being detected.

Can you try another GPU card to see if it is the card or the motherboard?


Hey @jayeff

I have tried multiple monitors, and a tv with a hdmi whilst watching films.

I will have to try this in safe mode. But I presume the issue will persist as it happens even in the windows boot up screen.

I do not own another gpu to try this with, I’m a bit sceptical to take it into a repair shop as my last pc that went into one came out corrupt.



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This was solved with a new PSU for me. Works perfectly fine now no issues anymore.

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Monitor turning off while you are actively working means that either your system is very confused on power management and told display to go to sleep, or GPU/PSU is having some problems.

Several issues can cause a monitor to turn off randomly. Some of the reasons relate to the monitor while others relate to the computer.

  • Monitor overheating
  • Loose cable
  • Bad monitor
  • Video card or motherboard problem

You can just troubleshoot these components and fix it accordingly.

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Sorry to say but no, its none of the above because it happens when I play the ps4 as well. So you obviously don't know and just making things up. It only stops when I use and external power source "Jackery" for my monitor and no more shut offs while gaming.


@joelfathers Good to hear that. :)


i have the same problem its started when i playing COD MW2. and now it's happening every minute with many games .


@Hamza Mukatrin If the cables is not bad. It's possible the game is out of sync. You can also try to update your graphics drivers as another easy solution. :)


@Albert I have the same problem. It started just a few months back. I have played Fortnite for about 2 years on this laptop and it never happened, but a few months back my screen would randomly go off with this glitching effect and it started going even worse. Whenever I opened up any game I was able to play for about 1.5 minutes, then the screen would go black. I have tried updating my drivers, updating windows, verifying game files, and so on. I would really appreciate anyone's help.


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