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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is 7.2 cu. ft. capacity electric dryer by Kenmore.

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Disassembled back panel - extra part!

Block Image

Block Image

Hi! I took off the back panel and then reassembled. Problem is-I have an extra part! I don’t know where it goes.
model: w10110637

kenmore elite smartheat quietpak4 electric dryer from 2007

I’ve included two photos of the extra part.

Please help

thank you

Update (07/20/2021)

Could it be the bracket - upper rear bulkhead?

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@eoeoeoeo cant see your pictures ;-) Try again using this guide. The pictures get attached to your original QUESTION please.

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Hi @eoeoeoeo,

The model number you quoted (W10110637) shows up as the part number for the tech sheet for a lot of dryers

Please confirm the dryer's model number?

It looks like part #31 in the bulkhead parts diagram of this this model, which is in the list of those shown in the link above

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Thanks, jayeff! I agree - I think it is #31. I was able to put it back where the diagram indicated. Problem solved - I think!

The model # is 11087872601.


Hi @eoeoeoeo

Glad that you got it sorted OK.

Here's the parts list for your model.

Also if needed for the future the tech sheet

FYI I've reopened your two deleted comments (and then deleted the duplicate one) and also restored your lost reputation points on Ifixit. (-100pts for each question, answer or comment deleted as spam)

Sometimes Ifixit's iRobot gets a bit too aggressive and thinks that long number strings e.g. device model numbers, are spam phone numbers so it auto deletes the question, answer or comment as spam.

It's still learning ;-)



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