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Repair information for the Samsung RSG257AA, a 2008 side-by-side refrigerator with ice through the door and automatic defrosting capabilities. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern RSG257AA**.

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RSG257AARS not cooling maybe bad pcb board?

Block Image

Block Image

My samsung side by side model RSG257AARS stopped cooling on both sides. Gave me several codes upon entering diagnostic mode. A sensor, a fan motor (even though both fan motors were operational upon inspection) and P<->M communication error. I tested voltage at CN79 and only had 1.89 V DC across the compressor signal pins instead of the 2.5 V DC specified. I also only had 10 V DC across CN76-5 instead of 13 V DC specified. I'm used to working on a little more simple units and just needing some help diagnosing. Are these readings off of spec enough to call this a bad pcb?

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Hi @nflessner,

Looking at the voltage values you posted they're down 26% and 23% respectively and this usually is enough for electronics not to work correctly.

Don't know the model but it would help if you could somehow measure the DC power on the input side of the pcb to know if the power regulators on the board are OK (assuming that there isn’t a separate power board) and that they’re supplying the correct DC voltage i.e. the ones that convert the AC input supply to the DC required by the pcb for it to function etc.

Perhaps post a close up of the board as there may be something seen that doesn't look quite right e.g. heat stressed components or bulging or leaky capacitors etc.

Here's how to do this on Ifixit Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen

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I uploaded the pictures you asked for. It's a samsung fridge and the model number is in the title. I'm not sure where to measure the DC input? Can you help with specific location on board for the DC in?



When I said that I don't know the model I meant that I was unfamiliar with the model and not that I couldn't see the model number that you posted ;-)

I can't see anything obviously wrong on the board (Guggenheim PJT 01) but the AC input is on the top right of the board (as viewed in the 2nd image you posted - see the fuse and the Warning sign on the board plus the "hot" power delineation line on the board) and when looking at the underside (1st image) this feeds to the opposite side on the left side, presumably where the different DC voltages are derived.

I cannot find a schematic for the board and without one it is difficult to track down the problem.


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