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Would screen replacement fix green lines/flickering on screen?

What are the chances that a screen replacement would fix a flickering screen that partially does not display an image, following water damage?

My iPhone X was dropped in water, and has now dried out and seems to be functioning except that:

  • screen has a slight flicker (light horizontal lines quickly oscillate across entire screen)
  • the top right corner is not displaying an image (has a combination of bright green lines and black),and
  • the top left corner has a dimmed image.

While the phone was drying out, at one point it had vertical green lines running down the length of the screen, though this does not appear anymore.

Picture of the current error:


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Green lines and flickering is usually indicative of physical damage to the LCD or OLED panel underneath the glass, and would most often be resolved by a replacement screen, however with the water damage there may be a little more to it. If the device actually functions completely fine now with no errors or anything you might have gotten lucky. I’d recommend taking out pretty much every component to scrub down with some alcohol based cleaning solution that’s safe for electronics, and then put it all back in with the original screen(also clean connectors of screen flex cables) and see if it’ll work. If the issue is still persisting then replace the screen and everything should be fine!

If possible it may even be worth going to a reputable repair shop to see if they can diagnose whether or not it’s worth getting the screen replaced.

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