"Brain dead" iPhone 7

Hey guys, back with another repair lol.

Had an iPhone 7 and there was prior work done on it like, Baseband CPU reball, WiFi IC reball and the Audio IC done by a prior technician. I was trying an experiment by upgrading it to 128gb from 32gb and it was done successfully. But on boot there was no WiFi so i reballed the WiFi IC and did 2 jumpers. Now the phone did not boot and I found VDD_BOOST shorted. Replaced the IC and BOOST was not shorted. Next VDD_Main was shorted, Replaced tigris and boom short gone. Now its practically Brain Dead drawing .50 mA on the DCPS. I’m clueless and I’ve tried putting pressure on the CPU but to no luck. Any help would be appreciated!

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Note: Also, I've tried connecting it to my PC thinking it was in DFU mode but it isn't.


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