A1406 Not recognizng SSD

Was doing an SSD upgrade and now its not even detecting the previous apple ssd, Please help Im pretty new in terms of MAC repairs :(

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UPDATE: I'm getting a short to ground on Pin 3 of the SSD Connector (J3700), PP_3v3_S0SW_SSD_FLT. But im getting proper readings on different pins on the same line PP_3v3_S0SW_SSD_FLT


@iammyron07 If it is a mid-2012 11” MacBook air pin number 3 will be ground.


@imicrosoldering Yeah, just checked via boarview. Any idea why its not recognizing the ssd?


all readings are fine as per the board view


@imicrosoldering Also checked voltages on the SSD connector, Everything looks fine, I suspect a dead ssd now :(


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