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Subaru introduced the "New Age" Impreza to Japan in August 2000. Larger in size compared to the previous iteration, the sedan increased its width.

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My car is running on 2/4 cylinders and I don't know why

okay, so thus car has had thus problem and we haven't been able to save it. all the plug wires are good, sparkplugs, new coilpack and even changed the pigtail. but it still refuses to have spark come off the marked 1 and 2 cylinder parts of the coilpack. any ideas?

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If you can get it to an AutoZone or other car parts reseller, most will give you a free computer read out to help diagnose your issue. They do this service in the hope that you will buy your needed repair parts from them.

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hello itis cummon on this car coil or spark plugs wire goes bad try removing a cable by a cable from the coill and iff any spark will come out if all 4 of them sparks that means your spark plug cable has gone bad

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