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The Cardinal AirLife nCPAP System 6900, released in 2006 by Cardinal Health, helps infants breathe easier and develop healthier lungs. Driver Model: 006900.

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I need to order the O2 sensor for this unit, "long life ultrasonic" .

Do you stock this O2 sensor unit? Can you tell me where to order it?

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@greyson you need to give us the complete information about the make and model of the unit if it is different than the device you picked. You have chosen the Cardinal AirLife nCPAP System 6900 but mention something about “long life ultrasonic” which gets confusing. I can tell you for sure that iFixit does not have the O2 sensor in stock. We can possibly connect with our BioMed people who could help us to source what you need but we need complete information.

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