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Repair guides and support for televisions manufactured by Sony.

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Back Panel Removal on a Sony XBR65X800h

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This is a unique set in regards to the back panel. It is a full rear panel, top to bottom. Minimal screws on the bottom and none on the top similar to Samsung’s screwless back panel. How does this come off? Does it pry off like the Samsung TV’s? To be clear this is not the half back panel that the slim Sony’s have. This is a full back panel. Unique to this size of tv. The image above is the actual set.

I removed 5 screws. 4 where the wall mount would screw into the set and one by the power plug.

Looks like the bottom is held in with plastic clips which I have released. The sides and top all seem to fit into the front frame all the way around so no way of hitting the bottom to have it slide up. Maybe the front frame has to come off first? The rear panel is connected to the front panel frame.

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The back is clipped into the frame along the right, left and top. I removed it after removing the 5 screws by pulling up on left side then right side and then lifting the back panel up the top unclipped itself. Pictures show the clip on the back panel and where it fits into the frame.

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This is from another model response, but I suspect it is probably similar. It may also have latches on the bottom

Once you have all the screws out from the back you want to wack the panel from the bottom towards the top of the tv. Essentially there are fixed screws that the back panel is resting on like a picture rests on a screw in the wall. So you want to push it up in the same plane as the tv panel. If you force the back away from the tv you will break those snaps. There are around 4 or 5 screws across the you inside the cover so it can take a lot of controlled force to knock the panel off the screws.

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@netjunky sony has a couple of models that are definitely a PITA for the back cover removal. See if this will help you out.

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This is close. The panel on this set meets the frame all the way around. The set pictured seems to have a 1-2 inch space between the frame and real panel.


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