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Repair guides and support for Kenmore washing machines.

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Kenmore Elite HE5t washing machine F32 and F99 Error Codes

The washer was giving SUD/F35 error.  I installed a new CCU and a new Pressure Switch. It immediately gave F32 error at about 7 minutes of starting the wash.  If I pull the plug and restart (so that the door will unlock), it gives F99, which goes away if I hit the power button, but F32 comes back in about 7 minutes of starting the wash.  I also checked the voltage on PS8 socket pin 1 and 2, and it shows 0.5V when the tub is empty, and when it starts filling, it slowly rises to 3.0V, and then I get F32 error.

The fill, spin, drain seem to work just fine.  I checked the pressure sensor tube at the top and it seems fine (although did not check the bottom, as it would require moving the machine).  I cleaned the filter to the drain-pump, and checked the pump for any debris.

When I run the diagnosis option 1, it immediately gives F99 error and stops. If I run the Diagnosis Only test (option #2), it cycles through C00 to C04, spends a long time on C04, and then throws F32.

What do you think is the issue? Thanks for your help.

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Hi @noeinstein ,

What is the model number of the washer?


Hi @jayeff, It's 110.47788800.


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Hi @noeinstein ,

I realize that you replaced the control board but did you get the exact same board model for a replacement?

Have read that there are several boards available but they have to be an exact match with the machine. Check what is printed on the board (or sticker) on the board and compare it to the original, if you still have it. The Whirlpool part number for the board (if it is printed on it) is WPW10156258 and this supplier says that it is compatible

Looking at the tech sheet for the washer, an F99 code means it could also be a mismatch between the CCU and the UI boards. (see p.8), that’s why I asked about the board number.

FYI. Sometimes the Ifixit website’s spam iRobot gets it wrong. It thinks that long number strings e.g. model numbers, are spam phone numbers and deletes the post. I have re-opened your deleted posts and then deleted any duplicated posts to avoid any confusion. This will restore your reputation points on the forum. For every deleted spam post 100 points are deducted.


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Many thanks @jayeff, not just for the answer but fixing the spam robot issue.

1. The CCU part number on the unit is W10015840. Since it is no longer available, I used the cicuit board medics (as recommended by another post on iFixit) to send me a refurbished one, which has the same number as mine. (The part you suggested is also compatible to this one).

2. Thanks to your tech sheet link, I ran the Diagnosis Only test on page 9. It cycles through C00 to C04, spends a long time on C04, and then throws F32. Does this give you any clue?

Thanks again for your help!



Is there any hot water flowing into the machine?

C04 is the hot water inlet valve test and the pressure switch detects the water level (F32?).

Not sure but maybe the valve test only checks if it detects the valve i.e operate circuit is OK and not that it fully operates it to allow water to enter. The test should be the same for the cold water inlet valve, except that the flowmeter is checked as well, so if water enters during this test it should also do this for the hot water inlet valve test. I am not familiar with your model so hopefully so can see my reasoning ;-)

Also is there hot water supply available to the machine at 120°F (49°C)?

Maybe something to look at.


Thanks @jayeff .

I checked that hot water is indeed flowing in.

Just to see what would happen if I put in the original CCU back in, it now gives F21 error and not F35/SUD error as it did with this CCU in the first place.

The pump is already checked and the filter debris cleared. Any thoughts?

Again, thanks for your help and insights.



As I said I'm not familiar with your machine but what strikes me now is that you didn't get the same error code with the original CCU as you did before and perhaps chances are that you won't get the same one again with the new board.

Long way of saying I don't think it is a board problem but it may possibly be a connection problem between the boards.

If it were a sensor or switch problem you would think that it would always show the same error code and not change with a change of board, but changing the board involved moving the harness connections

I assume that you have only been touching the harness at the CCU end and not the UI end or any other board that is there.

I would inspect the connections for every board to ensure there is no corrosion, loose etc.

Other than that I don't know.


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this is a list of the error codes


F99 is the control

F32 is water level sensor.

Given your testing, I am leaning toward the control, but since a sensor is a lot cheaper, I would test that first.

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Thanks, but I just replaced BOTH of them to fix the SUD/F35 error. I get these new errors with these 2 new parts.


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