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The Lenovo 300e is a convertible laptop and versatile learning tool that is powered by Intel. This device comes with a charger and 3 built-in USB ports.

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Ghosting issues, screens opening without input from user

I have a number of chromebooks that I cannot use as the windows open on their own and options are selected without input from the user.

I have powerwash these devices but this has not fixed the issue. If I am able to log in I can try to disable the touch screen but this only works for a short time.

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Hi, I also have this issue all with lenovo 300e Model: 81H0. I have been able to subside the issue by performing the debugging keyboard shortcuts. Only way is to do a full digitizer screen replacment to get rid of issue. From experience with Acer chrome devices we could easily remove the touch digitizer connection and it would solve the issue. I’ve tried looking for a similar connection one the 300e but nothing.

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