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Clothes dryer repair and support guides.

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Kenmore HE4 electric dryer premature cycle end and ONE heat setting

Hello I’m in desperate need of help with this. I moved into a home with this dryer that’s heat wouldn’t work (at all). Tested for continuity and replaced the heating element, thermal fuse, thermal high-cutoff, thermostat, moisture sensor, moisture sensor wire harness, and removed all lint from the trap.

Now the element works but I’m not sure if the heating element is responding to the different heating options, like I can see it cycle on and off to regulate temps for lower heat settings but the clothes still come out hot. Despite this it was able to complete an entire 40 minute cycle on the “air fluff” setting, but when you turn on the “high heat” setting with a 40 minute cycle it will stop prematurely after approximately 20 minutes every time. If you immediately start a new cycle it will do the same thing: tumble hot for 20 minutes. It will beep to signal end of cycle and then flash the “clothes dry” LED as if it ended normally.

We’ve gotten so used to going down to turn the dryer back on 3 or more times to complete a cycle, as well as not drying delicates since there’s ONE heat setting for all the buttons. I’m pretty handy and I’ve already sunk about $120 in parts into this which is about half of what it would cost to get a local technician to come help. I see secondhand dryers for sale for $150 and I’m tempted to chuck it in the backyard.

Bad thermistor? Bad motor? Super tired of thinking about this!


Update (09/27/2021)

It's a Kenmore Smartheat QuietPak9 model 110.85081400 dryer

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@dgtize don't chuck it just that. What is the complete model number for your Dryer? There are a few different versions out there and we need to make sure we got the right info for your model.


It's a Kenmore Smartheat QuietPak9 HE4, model 110.85081400


@dgtize sorry need the rest of them too :-) Those are not serial numbers so no-one can do anything with that number if you list it completely. since it starts with a 110 we already know its built by Whirlpool.


@dgtize okay iRobot out of control again. Hopefully I got that rectified. Anyhow, lets see if we can find a good solution for your dryer's issue


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Hi @dgtize ,

Here’s the tech sheet for the dryer.

See Troubleshooting Guide on p.4 shuts off before clothes are dry. It says to run tests #4 and #4a (p.7-8).

Check if performing these finds the problem

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not finding a manual. best guess is that it is running on automatic and the moisture sensor is telling it it is dry. When it goes off, is the control on OFF or does it stop in the cycle? If it is on OFF then it is a function of the moisture sensor. That drives the control faster when it is dry.

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